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Andrea Becky Hanson, Best Selling author, healing retreat facilitator, speaker, researcher, yoga, meditation and energy therapist and somatic intuitive has had the great fortune to live a life of learning, living and facilitating  healing practices. Founding Director of Merging Rivers Healing Practices, Inc.

Ask Andrea: Relationships

I don’t have good relationships and often feel misunderstood. Can energy healing help with that?

Yes, because energy healing helps you know yourself at a deep level and realize that happiness begins and ends with you. If your state of being is one of feeling unfulfilled and misunderstood, energy healing methods will help you understand that you must be happy with your relationship with yourself and understand yourself before you will be able to receive and enjoy happiness and understanding from others. There are volumes written about relationships and understanding them and many offer some good advice, but I have found that the energetic approach is the only one that offers true, lasting and deep relationship help.

We begin with how you relate to yourself and go from there. The anatomy of relationships and communication is based on an honest exchange of feelings, ideas and goals and this creates love, vulnerability and authenticity. All of this takes place in the space between you and others but your experience begins with you. Self inquiry helps with questions like, “What is my state of being right now?” “How do I misunderstand myself?” “How can I make my relationship with myself better?” “Am I putting my authentic self into my relationship?”

In energy healing, we begin by releasing any negative thoughts or beliefs or misunderstandings about ourselves. We then use methods to begin to understand ourselves at a compassionate and loving level. Then our energetic communication (body language/intentions) becomes authentic and loving and compassionate. We have then taken responsibility for our part in all relationships we wish to have and they are fulfilling, meaningful and have deep purpose and gratitude. Please refer to my book, Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy (pgs.138-152) for more learning and exercises for great relationships and communication.

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Ask Andrea: Distress and Ill Health

“What would you say is one of the main core causes of distress and ill health?"

This may surprise you, but I would say dehydration. It is imperative to stay hydrated to avoid dehydration. This sounds so simple, but most problems including physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and environmental can be traced to dehydration. Also, energy healing works so much better if we are hydrated. Our miraculous bodies, minds and spirits depend on proper hydration to carry out the trillions of self healing processes happening in each moment. All of these natural functions are interdependent and activated automatically by our body’s intrinsic wisdom.

If we are dehydrated, we are under avoidable stress and the self-healing functions must transfer energy towards survival instead of maintaining optimum health. Dehydration leads to other debilitating attacks on our natural self healing functions. Such attacks include lack of or inadequate sleep, impaired lymph drainage, impaired blood circulation, poor digestion, confused thinking, inadequate processing and release of toxins, imbalanced glandular secretions, joint pain, and the list goes on and on.

In the East Indian health and healing science of Ayurveda, these signals from the body are considered the first stage of a disease which is called Accumulation. The next stages are Aggravation, Dissemination, Localization, Manifestation and Chronicity or Disruption. This is an argument for living a life of finite balance and prevention and putting early attention on any feelings of discomfort with the intention of balancing. This is a continual dynamic process and proper hydration is the first step to being successful. Being consciously hydrated helps put your attention on your well being and reduces stress and the progression of any health problems.

Please refer to my book Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy (pgs. 54-55) for recommendations and resources about hydration.

Ask Andrea: Bad Choices

How can energy healing help me stop making bad choices?

The holistic and energetic field can and does help with this problem. This is part of the addictive energy dynamic. We know there are better choices but continue with the worst choices and suffer the consequences of bad health, unhappiness, guilt and feeling bad about ourselves. This can lead to devastating effects on our health, lives and the lives of others.

In my book, Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy, I introduce the concept of Choice Point – that critical moment when we consciously or unconsciously make a choice which may be a “good” choice or a “bad” choice or a somewhat neutral choice. Choice Point is different from a Trigger in that it offers us time to feel and know what the best choice would be. What we think, do, or say in that moment triggers the consequences of our thoughts, speech and/or actions leading to that decision. That instant creates our life and our future. We make choices from our state of being. If we are needy, unhappy or have a poor vision or ourselves, we tend to look outside of ourselves to get our needs met, be happy or make ourselves feel better. It is a vicious cycle and usually ends up being devastating or at best disappointing and damaging.

To break that cycle, we need to look at our thinking, our view of ourselves and plan ahead for the opportunity Choice Point offers. This is exactly what energy healing helps us to do. Our limiting or negative beliefs are identified and eliminated and our true identity is revealed to us. From that state of being, your choices are better and your life changes in ways that you wish it to. Please refer to page 5 and 6 in my book for more information about Choice Point.

Ask Andrea: Intuition

What is the difference between intuition and imagination?

Imagination is inspired and developed from what we already know or observe. Scientific inquiry helps us to learn through deduction answers we seek. We are somewhat bound to what we already know and expand our understanding of it through creativity and research. Intuition, however, is a “felt sense,” a “hunch,” or “a gut feeling” and doesn’t rely on what we already know. In fact, information coming from intuition or intuitive sources can actually contradict what we “know.” Most of the time, the rational mind will override the intuitive sense of truth due to lack of experience with intuitive knowledge, preconceived ideas of reality and the life process, and/or lack trust in “the unknown” source of the information. But intuition’s partner is the heart and the heart knows truth.

Becoming more intuitive and/or expanding your intuitive abilities is a courageous and important process. It raises our conscious awareness of possibilities instead of probabilities. It expands our self--identity from a body, mind and spirit to the understanding that we are energy beings experiencing life. Intuition is the voice of great knowing, trust, and confidence in the ability to access the “unknown.” To increase your intuitive abilities, consider all possibilities in any situation. Spend time in meditation, in nature, self-inquiry and journaling. Pay attention to “coincidences” and drop judgment as much as you possibly can.

I share my story of the joy of acknowledging intuitive abilities and gifts throughout my book, Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy.

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Ask Andrea: Scientific Findings

What are the latest scientific findings that support the energetic approach to life?

There have been many in recent years. It’s been a little like finding out the world is not flat. For example, we thought the brain was pre-determined and static and now we know that the brain is “neuroplastic”. It actually develops according to how we use it. The implications of that are profound. We have known for a long time that meditation is very beneficial for calming the mind and bringing brain hemispheric coherence. 

Scientists are unable to find a beginning or end to matter and now the atom and electrons and protons and neutrons are no longer the smallest bits of matter…particles are now the smallest known parts of matter and they are more like light than matter as we have know it. Scientists have also be able to track the effects of group and world meditations on the Earths energy aura. There is much more acknowledgement of the universal energy as being the “glue” of the Universe. 

Also we have discovered that how we think and act actually can change our DNA – another discovery with profound implications. Why this is important is that “spiritual practices” such as prayer, yoga, meditation and self inquiry actually do change us in ways we desire and reveal and connect us to our true identity as energy and light beings. Science Spirituality are no longer at opposite ends of the spectrum of understanding the world and ourselves. Throughout my book, Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy, I share my personal story and experiences that have led me to this healing work being able to benefit by the amazing times in which we live.

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A Love Story: The Ever Evolving Emotional Fitness Retreat

Timely, compelling, extraordinary, multidimensional, empowering and sustainable healing on all levels of being.

At an extremely deep and meaningful time of transformation and self realization in my own life over 17 years ago, the concept of an extraordinary opportunity came into being.  I desired to create a truly transformational and complete experience for others that would result in deep energetic healing, the discovery and empowerment of the true self, and the joy of successfully creating and living a life of meaning and purpose that I was experiencing. I knew the retreat format was the best way to do that. I knew it needed to be multidimensional and multicultural in its nature and include the amazing leading edge scientific discoveries and knowledge about the human energy field, the brain, the mind and human behavior. I had been given so many gifts of intuition and access to the unknown. I had the great fortune of studying, practicing and teaching holistic healing, and so many opportunities to travel and experience many other healing methods of other cultures, and I was deeply aware that my life was to be about sharing my gifts, my experiences and this knowledge.

I was hiking in Snow Canyon State Park in Ivins Utah, which is magical and transformational in and of its self. It is where Red Mountain Resort is situated and where I would stay often for renewal.  Inspired and elevated as I always am there, the location and name of the retreat came to me. I knew I wanted most of the retreat to be in nature; what better place than this?! Also, I was asking what is the best indicator of whether my life was going well or not, and undeniably it was my emotional state - emotional fitness; what better name!?  I knew the retreat had to be experiential to be the most effective. Because of my background in Psychology, Spiritual Sciences, Communication Sciences and Comprehensive Holistic Healing along with my Intuitive Gifts, I knew that the experience is how we learn and the experiential nature of emotional energy is a bridge from the known to the unknown, a messenger, the doorway to the source of joy and/or sorrow —the path to transformation.  Hence, the birth of the ever-evolving Emotional Fitness Retreat at Red Mountain Resort began.

In 2002, I began this work in two-hour evening sessions for 5 days and private consultations. This evolved into the current form of a 5 day and 4 night immersion retreat which has proven to be the ideal amount of time. I knew it needed to be a small retreat to assure personal and group success. At the same time I was driven to reach as many people as I could so I authored my second book, Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy - a comprehensive holistic healing guide and handbook to share understandings and experiences with others of what the amazing ancient healing wisdom and the many incredible new scientific discoveries reveal. It is about acquiring knowledge you don’t know that you need to know to be whole. It is about awareness that unfolds what you don’t know to ask for and have not experienced. It is about experiencing the truth that changes your truth. It is about the experience of sustainable transformation and living authentically with Grace and Ease.  I gift my book to retreat participants as a reference and a companion for the path to conscious awareness and ability to heal anything.

There is no pre-requisite for the retreat except an open inquisitive mind and the passion to know your true self and confidently live your best joyful and purposeful life.  I plan the retreat itinerary with the deep understanding and commitment to the sustainable transformational process. We begin with intention and desire to bring clarity and identifying the blocks and misunderstandings and painful emotions that are keeping us from our best life.  We do one-on-one consultations to address and heal specific personal issues. Most of our sessions are outside using nature as a mirror. We hike in Snow Canyon and the red rock desert of the area. We practice Kundalini Yoga – the Yoga of transformation. We experience powerful meditations and learning sessions about the little known methods and modalities of Holistic Energy Healing - especially Energy Psychology. Because we are multidimensional beings, we venture into other dimensions. As a group we create a healing resonance that is undeniably powerful and supportive.  We use multicultural practices of fire ceremony, spiral walk and dancing to enhance our progress, our understandings and breakthroughs. We laugh, we cry and we celebrate!

The equally comprehensive and complete offerings of Red Mountain Resort, as a leader in destination resorts, support the experiential depth and breadth of the extraordinary Emotional Fitness Retreat experience. The nurturing environment, nutritious food and endless possibilities for activities, spa treatments, community, solitude in nature and the healing nature of the beautiful red rock high desert could not be a better fit. It is a magical combination.

Also, I have a great deal of hope for the success of humanity and I must confess that one of the reasons I continue this work is selfish, for when one of us heals, we all heal and elevate our consciousness.  It is truly something to rejoice! And we do!

In gratitude for you and thank you for reading,

Andrea Becky Hanson

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Ask Andrea: Ayurveda

What is Ayurveda and is that Energy Healing?  

Ayurveda is the ancient (6,000 years old) comprehensive and amazing health and healing system of East India. It is based on natural cycles and the belief that we are unsurpassed, self healing instruments.  Ayurveda is a holistic approach meaning that the whole self is considered in terms of diagnosis of discomfort, disease or disorders and that no part is considered with our consideration of how it relates and interacts with the whole. The premise is that all is one and all is interrelated. The goal is to determine what is out of balance and bring it into balance to achieve harmony, optimum health and well being.

Ayurveda is largely preventative medicine in that it seeks to maintain balance at the most sensitive levels. Patients of Ayurvedic doctors pay the doctor to keep them well by treating the most minor ailments and bring balance. This is done on many levels and in many ways, such as through extensive assessment, recommended diet and habits that are individually designed for your unique mind/body constitution. Treatment can also include herbal remedies, Vedic astrological and numerological readings, gem stone healing, fasting and cleansing, massage and many more possibilities. Ayurveda is energy healing by its very basis of natural remedies and treatment for attunement to natural energetic cycles.  

This incredible science is self-informing, self empowering healing system and I highly recommend studying it if you haven’t and if it draws you. Please refer to my book, Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy (pgs. 190-201) for further introduction and study of the basics of Ayurveda.

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Ask Andrea: Energy Medicine

What can be healed by Energy Medicine?

Theoretically anything. Scientifically speaking because of the nature of the work and the hundreds of methods of healing and the fact that it defies traditional healing and research practices, the “scientific proof” is scant. However, I have been involved in multi-cultural, multidimensional and holistic energy healing for over 40 years, and I have personally witnessed hundreds of healings of all kinds (including my own) on all levels of being, emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual relationships and social. I have also conducted single study research showing improvement and success in health and well-being goals.

Areas that energy work is particularly effective and helpful are releasing and resolving negativity, limiting beliefs, poor self esteem, fear, depression, addiction, anxiety, skewed thinking, trauma of all sorts, circular thinking, and phobias just to name a few. Often energy healing works when nothing else has. Our basic nature is one of peace, joy, well being and purpose. If we find ourselves suffering and unhappy, it is ultimately due to interruptions and blocks in our energy systems. Credible energy work reveals and resolves the origins of our suffering and re-establishes the correct flow and direction of our energy. We are then able to go on clearly and with defined purpose and peace.

For a better understanding of all the aspects involved in energy healing, please refer to my comprehensive book about Holistic Energy Healing, Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy.

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Ask Andrea: Good and Bad Energy

Is there good and bad energy? 

Everything is energy/frequency/vibration/flow. Everything! Energy, in and of itself, is not good or bad. It is the intention behind or the misuse of the energy that makes it correct or incorrect. Words, thoughts, emotions, ideas and actions all are energy. If they originate from the state of love and compassion they appear to be “good”, helpful, positive and kind. If they originate out of the state of hate and fear, they appear to be “bad,” negative, damaging and hurtful. Intention drives energy. 

There is really no bad energy except stuck energy. Acting out judgment, fear, blaming anger, resentment, are examples of sticky energies. Offering acceptance, forgiveness, love and joy are flowing energies. In addition, we draw the energy of our current state of being. Universal energy has an electromagnetic quality. If we are angry and resentful, we draw it. If we are loving, kind and accepting, we draw that. This is what is meant by free will. We have the ability to choose. Although we may be in denial, we know at some level when we are in or dealing with negative energy. It is up to us to change it or move away from it. 

Energy healing modalities, particularly Energy Psychology, are helpful here when we can’t seem to find our way. For more information and instruction about Energy Psychology and methods, please refer to my book, Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy (pg. 55 and pgs. 153 to 160).

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Ask Andrea: Yoga

Is Yoga a type of energy healing?

Absolutely. Yogic practice comes from the same ancient wisdom that is the basis of energy healing. The knowledge that we are energy beings, infinite in our true nature, and that how we think, move and breathe affects our entire being. Yoga practice brings cleansing, balance, flexibility and strength to the body. It creates a clear and discerning mind and reveals our spiritual nature as well. I personally subscribe specifically to Kundalini Yoga and Meditation because every aspect of the teaching is energetically based and all teachings have been preserved and expanded on that basis.

Kundalini is the name for your individual “soul expression energy” and is particularly elevated and strengthened through the practice. All aspects of the teachings are included in the practice and include asanas/position/movement, pranayam/conscious breath, sound/chanting/mantra/music, and meditation. There are hundreds of sets/kriyas and meditation and they are energetically correct and prescriptive. What I mean by that is that they are designed for a specific effect such as sets for elevation of the spirit, for glandular health, for strengthening the nervous system, for experiencing infinity, for fearlessness, overcoming addictions, and on and on. It is the most comprehensive and limitless modality for healing that I am aware of.

Please refer to the sections in my book Light Through the Keyhole –The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy on Meditation (pg.124), Yoga in general (pg. 134) and Kundalini Yoga and Meditation (pgs. 202 – 210).

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Ask Andrea: The Power of Energy Healing

What is the most amazing energy healing you have ever seen or experienced?

There are so many I really can’t single one out for they are all phenomenal in their own way. What I can add is this - energy healing seems magical because it uncovers knowledge and information that we are not consciously aware of. It informs us of our unconscious and conditioned limiting thoughts and beliefs that keep us stuck. It also reveals to us our true identity of limitlessness, pure creativity, unique and important value and purpose.

Energy healing opens up worlds of possibilities, realizations of who we already are and enables us to think, dream, and act in ways we not only were unaware of but thought impossible. It shows us what we were in denial about and that includes our own birthright of happiness and joy. Also, it gives understanding that there is nothing we need that we don’t already have within us. These are the most amazing things about energy healing benefits and effects. It opens the world of understanding universal and individual energy and bringing it all together. This is why I wrote my book all about Holistic Energy Healing, Light Through the Keyhole –The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy. I want everyone possible to know, learn, practice and integrate into their lives what I consider to be the very bright and present future of world health care.

ASK ANDREA: Pranayam

If you could use only one energy healing method, what would it be? 

Pranayam: Conscious use of the breath. This ancient healing practice offers limitless choices and extraordinary benefits. One of the best things about it is you can practice anywhere, anytime because all you need is your intention, attention and breath. 

Each state of being has what is called a breath signature. For example, depression is characterized by slow, shallow almost nonexistent breath. Anxiety, on the other hand produces fast shallow breathlessness. Tranquility and peacefulness brings smooth satisfying breath. 

Pranayam presents the opportunity to consciously change or choose your state of being. There are literally hundreds of different methods of breathing to experience hundreds different of states of being and awareness such as physical relaxation, limitlessness, an open heart, forgiveness, exhilaration, cleansing, improved aerobic capacity, deep meditation, mental clarity, calming emotions, eliminating addictions…and on and on. 

Briefly, here is one of the most well known and practiced pranayam. It should be practiced at least 3 minutes to experience the benefits and shift in energy. Long deep breathing – focusing on the breath, breathing slowly through the nose inhaling and exhaling deeply for relaxation and stress release. 

For more information and leading Pranayam Practices, please refer to the Pranayama section of my book Light Through the Keyhole –The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy, (pgs. 211-221). If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact Andrea.

Ask Andrea: Energy Healing

What is energy healing and how does it work?                                                                                        

Energy healing is based on recognizing the underlying life energy that universally permeates all life. Most cultures have a name for this energy. The most well known in the western world is the Chinese word Chi (vital energy) and the East Indian word Prana (lifeforce energy). Energy healing also depends on the understanding that this life energy must be able to flow freely in specific direction and frequency or we will suffer from a myriad of problems and distress.

We have a complete and elaborate energy system to access and interact with the universal life energy.  The components of this system are Chakras (power centers) Meridians (energy channels) and Biofield (individual unique layered field of energy). Another important understanding is that we are all one connected field of energy. Healing energetically literally affects all life. By healing ourselves, we help heal others.  

All reputable effective energy healing approaches achieve four basic goals: (1) Determine the energetic origin of the distress. (2) Release the energy interruption in the energy system. (3) Re-establish correct flow and balance of the universal energy (4) Address negative thoughts and beliefs and replace them with affirmative self perception and identity for sustainable healing. There are literally hundreds of energy healing methods.  Please consult my book Light Through the Keyhole –The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy for an extensive descriptive categorization of over 180 different methods (pgs. 27 – 29) for a deeper understanding of energy healing choices.

(Send your questions about energy healing to Andrea!

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Get Ready for the Best Year of Your Life

 It is said that life is simply a series of experiences and more importantly, it is not the experiences that determine the quality of your life but how you live them. The best news is we have been given the gift of choice and can determine the quality and purpose of our lives.  Never before have I understood this concept as I do now and I owe that to my study and experiences in India.

It occurred to me that when planning to go to India the first time,  I was actually compulsive about going. Now I know why. I realize that I was listening to my heart and deepest desires and willing to take action to fulfill my hunger for spiritual evolution.  It is in awe and deep gratitude that I share what I experienced during my first trip there. 

It was truly a trip beyond my fondest dreams, desires or expectations. In fact, it was beyond anything I could have known to expect.  Through the continual reflection of constant, honest, humble and discerning action and thinking and willingness of India's people, in spite of the government corruption and areas of poverty, I was given the gifts of experiencing joy, true knowingness, and deep knowledge.

I felt joy beyond emotion. A joy that wells up within you and doesn't go away.  A joy that is anticipatory and resultant of meeting the people and seeing the sights from Delhi to Rishikesh to Amritsar and substantiating all that I had thought was true.  I felt a knowingness beyond facts entwined in the deep passionate history and seeking of a purposeful and dedicated life that still permeates the culture in each person's calm reasonable and responsible, loving and forgiving approach to life.  I found understanding beyond knowledge --the powerful reflection of a people, devoted, taking each moment calmly and openly with keen dreams ever present in their actions, moving forward confidently and looking for the moment of opportunity then need.  I now have a new interpretation of manifestation with grace and ease, complete surrender to a spirit guided, supported and purpose driven life. This first trip to India was truly life-changing and helped me to look forward to the new year in a way I had never felt before.

It is with great anticipation that I look forward to being with you via phone, email, Goggle, Skype, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, and at a retreat, in person, virtually, this dimension or others as we travel our great universe together truly understanding the gift of a life of service and joy.

For now, I am sending you my most heart/spirit felt wishes for all the peace and joy of this season and all that life has to offer. Dare to move confidently towards your most heartfelt dreams and desires! They are supported and attainable!

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The Five Directions to Peace, Love and Joy!

Do you want more peace, love and joy? Take these five directions daily:

1. Back...Yes, back. Retreat is powerful. Step back and observe, recapitulate, assess what is positive and what is negative and what you feel is missing in your life.

2.Away...Move away from whatever is negative in your life. Stop judgment, comparison, competition and engagement or enabling this in your life.

3. Towards...Move towards with your attention and intention to what feels positive, life supporting, mindful, conscious, loving and contribute.

4. Inward...Look to your center, your heart, your gut and check-in regularly. This is where all your knowingness and correctness will guide you to right thought, belief and action.

5. Forward...As who you really are. Step into your power and purpose authentically, honestly, lovingly, and compassionately. Bring this truth to every intention, thought, belief and action. Be Peace. Be Joy. Be Love.

“Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without.”

“Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned. “

“You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.”

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment.”

- Buddha

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Hearing the Universe

Are you hearing what the Universal Powers are saying to  you? Are you in open communication with the forces of manifestation? Another way of asking these questions is are you experiencing resistance and defeat to what you want or a flowing, noticeable support of your wishes and desires?  Are you feeling frustrated and tired and perhaps apathetic  or motivated and vital, passionate and fulfilled? 

To hear and speak effectively and connect and access the Universal Powers we need to be fluent in the language of the Universe; however, the language of the Universe is not thinking and words. It is vibrational and made up of images and feelings and silence.  Therefore, it involves cultivating our creative mind, raising our body awareness, and taking time to create silence and tranquility in our lives.  

Thinking and speaking words are usually about what we already know.  When what we know isn't working,  it's time to enter into creative thought, imaging, and feeling the messages in silence — coming to us and going from us.  The silence needs only to be a conscious moment. I call this living in the space between what we know or living in the unknown — living in pure potentiality.   

This is the dynamic process of transformation, manifestation, and enlightenment.  It sometimes feels awkward or uncomfortable to us because it involves a lot of not knowing, a suspension of the linear mind (thinking what we know).  These are the skills we enhance through the healing practices of energy psychology, introspection, yoga and meditation, awareness exercises, and being in nature. These practices open the intuitive powers and our correct full connection to the Universe!

Just having the intent to be fluent in creative solution, oriented imaging, conscious awareness of feeling and sensation, and allowing the silent moments puts you in open communication with the Universe — our rightful place.


We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are.” — Talmund


Live in the Moment

The nature of change is subtle.  The desire for change can be from pain wanting to be released or joy wanting to be increased. Whatever it is that motivates it, change begins and ends with the small things.  We live relative lives in an absolute universe.  We compare, compete, plan and try to make this year better than the last. We are earnest in our desire to live our best lives. We do our best and strive to improve, but sometimes we fall prey to using all our energy transporting from the past to the future and back missing the only time we can really change: this moment.  

Life is available only in the present moment. If you abandon the present moment you cannot live the moments of your daily life deeply.” -Thich Nhat Hanh

Attention on the present moment expands time and allows the manifestation of our intentions.  Vow to yourself today to take as many moments as possible to consciously put your attention on all that you love and desire.  Vibrate your truth and allow the cosmos to clear the path.  It is a time of large rewards for small efforts.  Trust compassionately in your perfection and live your truth, giving all you meet permission to live theirs.

You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.” - Henry David Thoreau


Challenging Fear with Trust and Self Referral

The best advice I was ever given about being afraid to do what I desired was "do it anyway."  Think back on your greatest victories in your life and see if you can remember the moment you were afraid and yet went ahead anyway.  It is just an instant, sometimes called a choice point. Once you take that first step, challenging the fear,  the fear is left behind. It is nearly impossible to accomplish this action if you are not supporting yourself with clear and conscious intention.  Bring your intentions to the forefront by asking yourself why you have the desires you have and what image you have of yourself in your desired future.

This conscious self-referral is necessary, for without it, many of your unconscious intentions will be fulfilled and you will feel that you are a victim or that life “just happens to you.”  There is no joy in this because you are not in your personal power unless you are clearly aware of your intentions. Intention is the divine force of manifestation.  Take the time to write down five conscious intentions you have (but remember the great saying "be careful of what you ask for"). 

True conscious intention begins and ends with you.  Self-referral –having an intimate relationship with yourself– is your truth. Relate to what you wish to manifest only, and do not allow yourself to remain in object-referral because always relating to others means depending on their truth. There is no time or place for codependency, addiction, or negativity in this time of incredible expansive, joyous, and supportive energy.

It's all for you. Meditate, create, radiate. Accept your greatness and give back to life. 

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Life Rules for Our New Era

Our common seeking, our oneness, our responsibility, and our true nature as humans have begun to seek us.  We are needed like never before to be present in our lives.

We all experience events that change us forever and in ways often not completely comprehensible to us. What we have known intellectually and at other deep levels for a long time is we are interactive beings. We are not separate but connected as one.  In that unseen connection lays our true identity (etheric, pranic, spiritual essence) that is uniquely us, how we think, act, interact, identify and create. In that way we are unique in our place in the universal field of being. When we don't understand that position, then we misconstrue our own true nature, purpose and path. We perceive that we are suffering when really we are just ignorant of our own true nature.  

What is required in this dilemma is a colossal and complete letting go of many limiting and negative thoughts and beliefs.  This can feel overwhelming and impossible and cannot be done with the mind, because it is the mind that is conditioned in these ways. It must be implemented first with our discerning intellect/higher self/soul and surrendered to the truth of who we are. Guru Parthasarathy's quote from Vedanta Treatise-The Eternities states this beautifully:  

"Love is being in harmony with one and all. Love means realizing your identity [in] with the world. Your oneness with all beings..."

Here are the subtle shifts of common thoughts and beliefs that you can incorporate to build the foundation that will free you to be completely you and to be fully present in your most important place in the universal field -- your life.

  • Think not: "Follow your heart," but allow your heart to lead you.
  • Think not: "Forgive and forget,"  but practice learning and understanding through states of gratitude, compassion, and humility, resulting in learned sustainable inner peace and trust.
  • Think not: "This is good or bad," but does this feel correct or incorrect and act accordingly.
  • Think not: "I don't know my life purpose," but how can I use my strengths to help others?
  • Practice: Resist nothing, accept all, and perfect your understanding and resolution of the duality and paradox of your uniqueness and connectedness as your true identity.
  • Seek only solutions. Learn not to seek contentment but to seek from a state of contentment

Consider this wisdom from the Hopi Elders Message that now has even deeper and timely meaning:

        ...we must let go of the shore, push off into the middle

            of the river, [of change] keep our eyes open and our heads above the water...see who is there with you and celebrate...Gather yourselves. Banish the word struggle from your attitude and vocabulary.            

     All that we do now must be done in a sacred manner and in [joyous] celebration.


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How We Can Know What Is Really Truth

I am moved to share what I have come to believe after many years of life and of study and experience with holistic healing for myself and others. This is for your contemplation. You may not agree, however, I hope this is helpful in some way. Our true nature and identity as human beings is one of peace, joy, harmony and love...We are gifted with the ability to reason, imagine, dream and create our lives. We are also gifted with the ability to be guided, nurtured and sustained by an all-knowing universal life source. The interpretation of that life source is different for everyone. We are each totally unique and all have very specific talents and beliefs. Our life's purpose is to use those talents to help ourselves understand ourselves, our lives, purpose and meaning and to elevate our conscious awareness and help others in any way we can.

So while we all are so different, have different ideas and life choices, how can we know our beliefs, thoughts and actions are established in truth? For me, the answers to this question lies into the knowledge, experience and awareness that our basic nature is one of peace, joy, harmony and love. This is hard to believe in and of itself with all the unrest in our lives and in the world. However, holistically and energetically speaking, that is our basic nature. Just as nature is peacefully ordered, following natural cycles and dealing with whatever influences are apparent we are part of the same life energy system.

For me there is a simple "bottom line" process for knowing the truth: The first basis is we feel the truth. I base truth being whatever creates our natural state of being. If your thoughts, beliefs, words or actions bring a sense of peace, love, understanding and gratitude then they are based in truth. If your thoughts, beliefs, words, or actions bring chaos, hate, misunderstanding and depression, anxiety or resentment, they are not based on the truth. Take time to consult with your heart and feel your thoughts, beliefs, words and actions toward yourself and to others. Your heart will never lie to you.

From the universal energy healing point of view, any state of being on any level that isn't peace, joy, harmony and/or love is due to an interruption in our energy bodies. The goal is to create a life/society/world that gives us the experience of our true identity - peace, joy, harmony and love through self inquire and thoughtful choices. We do this by consciously choosing thoughts, beliefs, words and/or actions that create peace, joy, harmony and love...

Sat Nam (I am truth)


All truth is within...