Andrea Becky Hanson


Andrea Becky Hanson, Best Selling author, healing retreat facilitator, speaker, researcher, yoga, meditation and energy therapist and somatic intuitive has had the great fortune to live a life of learning, living and facilitating  healing practices. Founding Director of Merging Rivers Healing Practices, Inc.

Ask Andrea: Intuition

What is the difference between intuition and imagination?

Imagination is inspired and developed from what we already know or observe. Scientific inquiry helps us to learn through deduction answers we seek. We are somewhat bound to what we already know and expand our understanding of it through creativity and research. Intuition, however, is a “felt sense,” a “hunch,” or “a gut feeling” and doesn’t rely on what we already know. In fact, information coming from intuition or intuitive sources can actually contradict what we “know.” Most of the time, the rational mind will override the intuitive sense of truth due to lack of experience with intuitive knowledge, preconceived ideas of reality and the life process, and/or lack trust in “the unknown” source of the information. But intuition’s partner is the heart and the heart knows truth.

Becoming more intuitive and/or expanding your intuitive abilities is a courageous and important process. It raises our conscious awareness of possibilities instead of probabilities. It expands our self--identity from a body, mind and spirit to the understanding that we are energy beings experiencing life. Intuition is the voice of great knowing, trust, and confidence in the ability to access the “unknown.” To increase your intuitive abilities, consider all possibilities in any situation. Spend time in meditation, in nature, self-inquiry and journaling. Pay attention to “coincidences” and drop judgment as much as you possibly can.

I share my story of the joy of acknowledging intuitive abilities and gifts throughout my book, Light Through the Keyhole – The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy.

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