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Andrea Becky Hanson, Best Selling author, healing retreat facilitator, speaker, researcher, yoga, meditation and energy therapist and somatic intuitive has had the great fortune to live a life of learning, living and facilitating  healing practices. Founding Director of Merging Rivers Healing Practices, Inc.



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Andréa Becky Hanson will help you claim your power to heal life and live joy, to know, love and live your deepest truth and essential nature.

She is an author, healing retreat facilitator, writer, teacher, researcher, speaker, healing retreat facilitator and offers private one-on-one consultations using her amazing integrated Emotional Fitness Technique for extraordinary healing on all levels.

Andrea has lived and learned holistic healing practices from the natural healing taught to her by her mother, her intuitive gifts aware to her as a child, and her 44 years of training, teaching and healing facilitator experience in multicultural and multidimensional healing practices in 27 different countries.  Nine of those years were as a speaker, teacher and program director of Deepak Chopra’s Center for Well being in San Diego, California. 

She is an innovative catalyst for healing and realization of full human potential.  As she teaches, Andrea weaves her experience and her clairsentience with ancient wisdom practices, leading edge scientific findings and new healing technologies.  She delights in creating understanding and healing experiences for others in deep and innovative ways that lead to knowledge and experience of conscious awareness and higher states of being in all areas of life. Her formal education is in psychology, speech and healing sciences and art. 

She is a mother and grandmother and resides in Park City, Utah with her husband and treasured pets.  She also enjoys being in nature, hiking, skiing, triathlons, cooking, film and music.   

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