Andrea Becky Hanson


Andrea Becky Hanson, Best Selling author, healing retreat facilitator, speaker, researcher, yoga, meditation and energy therapist and somatic intuitive has had the great fortune to live a life of learning, living and facilitating  healing practices. Founding Director of Merging Rivers Healing Practices, Inc.

ASK ANDREA: Pranayam

If you could use only one energy healing method, what would it be? 

Pranayam: Conscious use of the breath. This ancient healing practice offers limitless choices and extraordinary benefits. One of the best things about it is you can practice anywhere, anytime because all you need is your intention, attention and breath. 

Each state of being has what is called a breath signature. For example, depression is characterized by slow, shallow almost nonexistent breath. Anxiety, on the other hand produces fast shallow breathlessness. Tranquility and peacefulness brings smooth satisfying breath. 

Pranayam presents the opportunity to consciously change or choose your state of being. There are literally hundreds of different methods of breathing to experience hundreds different of states of being and awareness such as physical relaxation, limitlessness, an open heart, forgiveness, exhilaration, cleansing, improved aerobic capacity, deep meditation, mental clarity, calming emotions, eliminating addictions…and on and on. 

Briefly, here is one of the most well known and practiced pranayam. It should be practiced at least 3 minutes to experience the benefits and shift in energy. Long deep breathing – focusing on the breath, breathing slowly through the nose inhaling and exhaling deeply for relaxation and stress release. 

For more information and leading Pranayam Practices, please refer to the Pranayama section of my book Light Through the Keyhole –The Power to Heal Life and Live Joy, (pgs. 211-221). If you have any questions, please leave a comment or contact Andrea.