Andrea Becky Hanson


Andrea Becky Hanson, Best Selling author, healing retreat facilitator, speaker, researcher, yoga, meditation and energy therapist and somatic intuitive has had the great fortune to live a life of learning, living and facilitating  healing practices. Founding Director of Merging Rivers Healing Practices, Inc.

The Power of Being the One and Only You to Heal Life and Live Joy


There is nothing more attractive and inviting than someone who is confident in who they are and what they believe and accepts and lives their uniqueness with kindness and integrity.  There is an inviting grace and ease and comfort about them.  And when that person is you, there is nothing that feels better or more fulfilling. Everything just works.   Contrary to that, is someone that does not know themselves well and depends on others’ opinions and reflections, titles and roles for identity, and either doesn’t know or is not sure of their values and purpose.  And when that is you, it’s confusing, painful, frustrating, anxiety producing and depressing.  Everything just isn’t working.  Relationships feel bad and don’t work out. Can you identify with each scenario? We all want to feel good about ourselves and have deep, meaningful relationships, but if we don’t really know ourselves, how can others know us? 

The major key to greater inner peace, strength and joy, is to know ourselves at our deepest level of being, and…to remember our true multidimensional, limitless nature. In my private consultations, Emotional Fitness Retreats and Kundalini yoga and meditation workshops, this is our goal – experiential self knowing.  When we commit to this self image, there is a tranquil flow, fearlessness and steadiness in our life.  Unlike being dependent on outside influences, we are guided by our inner truth, values and principles. This gives us strength for all life has to offer. We are able to be present and live with passion the whole spectrum of life from great joy and great sorrow in a deep, meaningful and healthy way and we are at peace. Sound like a worthy goal?
 Here are 5 ways to nurture your Self knowing and conscious awareness of the importance and power of being the one and only you.  These are the essence of Spiritual Intuitive Self-Healing Consider each suggestion. Keep them where you will be reminded of them daily.  Use them. Enjoy them and notice how your view and your experience of yourself and the world becomes brighter, more hopeful, welcoming, meaningful and magical and free of conditioned and/or addictive life patterns
1. Feed your mind. Plan tomorrow the night before.  Not just considering what you are going to do, but how you wish the day to go and how you want to look, feel and be. Get a detailed image what you wish and prepare whatever you may need to do to facilitate that. Then detach and get a good night’s sleep.
2. Feed your Soul.  Communicate with the infinite in contemplative silence. Meditate, become aware of your breath and your heartbeat, be in nature, ask for understanding and guidance, and let your deepest desires be known.  Listen, journal.
3. Feed your body.  Plan and make arrangements to drink 8 glasses of pure water over the day. Eat the purest, freshest food you can find. Avoid all toxins as much as possible. Treat eating as a sacred act. Drink the water and eat as if you love yourself.
4. Feed your emotions.  Be kind to yourself.  Be clear about your intentions and values.  Know them, make decisions based on them and live them.  Be willing to feel your life. Allow your emotions to tell you if you are congruent with what you believe to be the most important things in life, and act accordingly.
5. Feed your environment. Create nurturing environments for yourself and others. Take responsibility for your unique gifts and talents and your place in the world.  Be aware of what is needed that you can contribute to your environment at home or at work, to others in your life, humanity in general and Mother Earth. Show up.
Go ahead, remember and dare to be the one and only you!  No one else can do that and the Universe misses you if you are not present.